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Nirvana's easter bunny gives you a free coffee or tea with a piece of freshly baked cake for a wonderful Easter Day.


* Offer valid on April 5, 2015

* Offer valid for guests staying at our Nirvana Hotel        

* Subject to availability







Valentine gives 25 % off our room price for an unforgettable Valentines Day.


* Offer starts from 27 January 2015,  ends on 14 February 2015
* Only valid for bookings made directly through:
* Valid only for check ins on 13 and 14 February 2015
* Subject to availability



Moon watching at Nirvana


27 September 2015 is the Moon festival, also known as Mid Autumn festival. It is traditionally a festival to celebrate the good harvest.  Now it has become a time when family and friends come together and eat moon cakes. Nirvana restaurant offers free Chinese tea and moon cakes to our guests having lunch or dinner at our restaurant. CODE: NIRVANA MOON.
See you soon to see the moon!



Please note future special offers have moved to the "upcoming events" page.

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